Melodie Maurer Williams
Architectural Paintings
Miss Venerble's Oak - sold
A Stop in Santuck - sold
Crescent Lake - 11 x 14 Print - $75
Antimony View - 11 x 14 Print - $75
Spring City Early Spring 11 x 14 Print - $75
Outside Jackson - sold
Holladay Foothill - 11 x 14 Print - $75
Old Cloverdale, Montgomery Alabama - sold
The Weeping Birch - sold
Fairview Lavender - 11 x 14 Print - $75
My parents were wonderful people who loved their children and loved nature.  We spent a good part of our summers at a our cabin in the mountains near Salt Lake City. We were surrounded there by the beauty they taught us to respect and love as well as they did. 

I spent much of my time in those days drawing and painting what I saw.  That was the basis for what I later made my career. 

Also, my father was a builder of lovely homes and we shared an interest in studying architectural form.  We would drive about various neighborhoods and point out to each other the houses we liked best.  Now I believe I find painting houses as satisfying as he found building them.

Thanks Mom and Dad.
The Lamb's Field - 11 x 14 print - $75